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Here at Import Transmission Specialists (ITS for short) we strive to provide the best products for your drivetrain.  Focusing on Subarus and Japanese Import vehicles we provide quality parts and service to improve the drivability and feel of your vehicle whether you track, Autox, Rally, or just Daily Drive.

  • Service 80%
  • Parts 60%
  • Build Planning 70%
  • Customer Satisfaction 90%
Rusty Horlacher

Rusty Horlacher


Rusty Horlacher is an Automotive Technology Specialist with experience in every aspect of Automotive repair and maintenance.  Specializing in Subaru Transaxles and Manual Transmissions he utilizes 10 years of experience to make transmissions run longer, hold more power, and have better shift feedback.  He has a very broad experience base ranging from industrial cleanroom maintenance at a computer chip manufacturer to building and coding his own microcontroller RaceLogger, he is not afraid to think outside the box.  Every project is taken on as if it were his own, caring about each aspect, and seeking to eliminate all detriments.